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   AMBER TATTERSALL    Original Art


"Be Fearless in the pursuit

of what sets your Soul on Fire"


 Hello! Welcome To My Page!


I am a Canadian Artist that specializes in

Abstract Expressionism, each piece created by emotion,

as well as a dab or two of Artist Grade Acrylic Paint! 


My work varies, as do all human emotions,

from Surreal Figurative pieces,

to colorful and bold Contemporary Abstracts. 

I also absolutely adore nature, so am compelled to

paint a Landscape or Seascape here or there..

Variety is the Spice of Life after all!


My hope is that when you view my paintings,

 somethings stirs within you.. 

Excitement, hope, awakened imagination..

For I strongly believe the Edgaer Degas quote,

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."



>>Worldwide Shipping available

>>Shipping Included within CANADA

Featured Paintings

New Favourite 

Bits and Pieces of me, written in Poetry



Today was different though..

I found you, all by myself.

In my minds bookcase, on the upper shelf..

I dusted you off and turned the page.. 

You were there all along, wise with age.

Hiding behind walls, towering high..

Built from words and images, expectations and lies.

I freed you, my inner cage crumbling, self doubt fumbling..

Leaving nothing left but a Happy girl, with a happy smile.

Sitting amongst the ruins of sorrow, sipping Chamomile.


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